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Copy Trade 6-10% NET Monthly Profit No Fees $1K Minimum

The evidence has been transparently provided here! Why wait and hesitate?



This is a MAM copy trade. Your registered copy trade account in Samtrade (“The Broker”) will automatically copy trade the master/manager. No need VPS.

Many robot/copy trade products in the market that you need to suspect as fraud/scam/ponzi.

However, after did my research, in my opinion, this one is among the most legit copy trade (minimum suspicion of fraud/scam/ponzi).

Just try 1K deposit for 1-2 months, I am sure you will love it and inject more.


The System

  • US$ 1K minimum.
  • No martingale, grid, hedge, or arbitrage.
  • Small lot size, 0.1 lot per 1K. Auto compound, lot size increase 0.01 every $100.
  • No overnight floating position, single entry, +/- 5 min quick open position duration.
  • Low drawdown 1.4% max.
  • Profit sharing up to 75% for investor (75:25).
  • Net profit up to 10+% per month.
  • Proven 2+ years of performance, see the mql5 and myfxbook links.
  • The profit is from trading. No need to pursue the networking bonus, it’s just an extra.
  • MAM type copy trade, no need VPS and all clients will have exactly same open and closed positions with the master/manager.
  • No registration, subscription, or robot fees. Fair profit sharing only.


  • Broker's name is Samtrade.
  • Deposit directly to the broker.
  • No deposit lock.
  • No withdrawal limit, anytime, any amount.
  • Exchange rates for deposit and withdrawal follow global exchange rates. (The broker does not take profit from rates).
  • Broker's chart is relatively same as IC Markets. (IC Markets is among world's biggest broker).
  • The founder provides video to proof that the broker actually sends orders to Liquidity Providers ("LP"). To big banks LP, not to just big brokers LP.
  • The broker is not just an IB or white label.
  • Broker's website has all the components of what are supposed to be in a normal big broker's website like IC Markets. You can see the product specification like spread and lot size, account type, the platform, promotion, tools, partnership (IB), education, and about us with email address. Other fraud services fail to provide this basic necessities.
  • Investor can open new account and trade manually in the MT4.
  • Broker’s CEO and technical dept are communicative in addressing copy trade issues.
  • Samtrade FX is a public company listed at US OTC Market.

How to Join

1. Register to fincom through:
2. Register to Samtrade (follow instruction email, you may need VPN) and verify your Samtrade account by submitting ID Card & proof of address. After submission, Samtrade needs about three days (could be faster) for this verification/KYC (know your client) process. Just wait until it is verified before proceed to deposit.
3. Deposit a minimum of US$1K directly to the Broker. I suggest to add a little more like 1.030K so that if first few trades loss, the balance will still be over 1K. Make sure the fund is assigned to Sam copy trade account (not to Sam wallet). Then your copy account will automatically copy the trade.
4. Contact me:

After joining you will be added to Telegram & Whatsapp Group. Any chit-chat, update, news, and announcement will be there.

The broker, Samtrade, currently does not provide services to residents of following but not limited to Afghanistan, Belarus, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Egypt, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Mali, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, Somali Republic, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Togo, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.


Proven Result Since 2019:

FIN888 Proven Result


2021 Net Profit Recap:

+9.09% net monthly average

+183.75 net annual


$10,000 Account Growth in 5 Years:

VPN required
Trade Explorer:

Mql5 Performance:

Myfxbook Performance:

English Presentation:

Inserted Video

Contact me
Whatsapp: https://xxxx
Instagram: instagram/xxxx

Email: info@xxxx

Prospectus Doc: Download Here


1. What is the minimum deposit to join Fin888?

The minimum deposit is $1000 and will be automatically joined.

2. How much are the average monthly profits?

Below 10.000 USD, the net profit is 6 – 8% from the capital. Above 10.000 USD, the net profit is 8 – 10% from the capital.

3. How long the deposit and withdrawal take place?

Within 24 hours through a local bank, within 5 minutes through USDT crypto coin.

4. How much is the average loss transaction?

In average just 1%

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